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TIR Presents Masha and the Bears: The New Cold War With China

October 17, 2021
China--the world’s second largest economy--that is now reshaping the global order through projects like the Belt and Road Initiative--is a subject of major scrutiny and controversy in the West. In particular, the political narrative in the US, in Europe, and across liberal democracies tends to focus on China as a competitor and even an enemy. In today’s show, we take on the prevalent critiques of China and tackle the dangers of deepening anti-China sentiment for resolving critical issues like climate change. We get into and evaluate the key fears associated with China in America and in Europe, whether these fears are realistic and what they tell us about the state of democracy in the West.
Dr. Repnikova is a scholar of global communication, with a comparative focus on China and Russia. Her research examines the processes of political resistance and persuasion in illiberal political contexts, drawing on ethnographic research approaches and extensive time in the field. Maria holds a doctorate from the University of Oxford, where she was a Rhodes Scholar. She speaks fluent Mandarin, Russian and Spanish. The courses taught at GSU include International Communication, Chinese Media, Politics and Society, and Communication in Global Contexts. You can follow her @MariaRepnikova.
Xifan Yang, a China correspondent for Germany’s Die Ziet magazine, and Tobita Chow, director of Justice is Global and a frequent commentator on all things China.
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