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April 21, 2021
Ever since Michael Moore painted Canada as violent crime free, healthcare having utopia. It's almost as if we look to our neighbors to the north as having an ideal society.
Many Americans often clamor whenever political administrations they find distasteful come to power that they''ll, "just move to Canada." For many reasons, Canada has been perceived as a tranquil nation lacking the social dysfunction and international bloodlust ascribed to the United States. Today we will actually look at aspects of Canadian politics and society that complicate these simplistic narratives of "Canadian Civility."
We'll ask, "Does Canada's humane image match its political record?
We'll be joined by Canadian activist Jafrikayiti.
Jafrikayiti, also known as Jean St. Vil, is a graduate of Waterloo University (Hon. B.Sc., Biology). He is an author, radio show host, public speaker, activist, artist and Canadian Civil Servant. He is the co-founder of two self-help organizations, AKASAN (Ayisyen ki ap soutni Ayisyen nètalkole) and Jaku Konbit, which follow the principles popularized by Marcus Garvey. He has been a thorn in the side of the Canadian government for many years, never giving up on the idea that Canada and the rest of the Core Group of influential foreign powers in Haiti could and should stop interfering in the governance of Haiti, so that Haitian people can build their own country on their own terms. You can find out more about him and his work at

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