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THIS IS REVOLUTION>podcast Ep. 123: Black Girl Magic for Empire w/ Angela Walker and the Saturday Crüe

April 7, 2021
Is the liberal establishment cynically using Black women's empowerment as a way to support American Empire?
Is woke capitalism in the wake of the George Floyd protests the neutralizing force to a real uprising?
From Hood Communist writer Onyesonwu Chatoyer:
"The hot new trend in the US empire is pushing African women to the front in order to make us the faces of the same old capitalist-imperialist violence. We are positioned as woke ladies with agency— kicking ass and taking names, bringing big auntie energy and those good good outfits to the day to day work of managing a genocidal settler-colonial empire. We don’t have to look any further than the examples of current US Ambassador to the UN and former high-ranking State Department official in Africa, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, or current Domestic Policy Czar and co-architect of the invasion and devastation of Libya, Susan Rice. There’s also Stacey Abrams, Condaleeza Rice, and dozens of others who’ve made muling a trend. All too often these days we are witnessing petit-bourgeois African women willingly taking positions of leadership, power, and influence within the political and military infrastructure of the United States. Positions that require, as part of their job descriptions, acts of extreme ongoing violence against the world’s most oppressed populations, including their own people. " We'll be discussing this and more with the Saturday Crüe and Green Party VP candidate, Angela Walker.


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