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THIS IS REVOLUTION>podcast 129: Organizing a Left in the Age of COVID and Automation w/Jamie Peck and Dr. Asatar Bair

May 2, 2021
Tonight's guest Jamie Peck has been a voice in left media for several years. We will ask her about the pitfalls of organizing a true left politics when so much of the left is online, especially in the wake of Covid 19 and the rise automation and the threat of labor displacement.
We'll also be joined by our favorite Marxist economist Dr. Asatar Bair!
About Jamie:
Jamie Elizabeth Peck is a writer, podcaster, and model who previously produced and contributed to The Majority Report with Sam Seder and currently co-hosts the Antifada podcast.
Dr. Asatar Bair a professor of economics and teacher of meditation. Subscribe to his patreon where he will take you on a journey of discovery toward understanding capitalism, socialism, communism, and the inner journey that makes whatever outer struggle we engage in more effective
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