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THIS IS REVOLUTION>podcast Ep. 194: The Fire Never Dies w/ Frederike Geerdink and the Saturday Crüe

October 13, 2021
The war between the Turkish security forces and the Kurdistan Workers Party has been raging since 1984 with no end in sight. Most recently, the conflict has spilled over into the mountainous regions of Iraqi Kurdistan where Kurdish guerrillas have maintained bases of operations for decades. Yet, while the administration in Ankara is seeking to obtain a final military victory over Kurdish insurgents, Turkey’s Kurdish question remains far from resolved. Who are the Kurdistan Workers’ Party? What do they want? And what is are the prospects for a peaceful resolution to this ongoing conflict?
Frederike Geerdink is a Dutch journalist and author who specializes in Kurdish affairs and the woman’s movement. Between 2012 and 2015, she was the only foreign journalist based in the predominantly Kurdish-inhabited city of Diyarbakir. In 2015, she was arrested by Turkish authorities and subsequently deported from the country. She has written extensively on the Kurdish movement and most recently published her second book The Fire Never Dies, based on her year-long experiences embedded with Kurdish guerillas in Iraqi Kurdistan.
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