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THIS IS REVOLUTION>podcast Ep. 189: Examining the Green New Deal w/ Zack Exley

October 1, 2021
Over the last two decades, the concept of enacting a “Green New Deal” in the United States has increasingly gained popularity. In the political arena, the concept of a massive jobs program designed to drive the “Greening” of the American economy was first pushed for by the Green Party. More recently, however, it has become a central theme advocated for by progressives within the Democratic Party.
For many on the left, the Green New Deal is envisaged as a bold program designed not only to tackle the growing environment crisis but also to create millions of new well-paying manufacturing jobs. However, what exactly would a Green New Deal look like in practice? How would it be implemented? And is it even a realistic prospect given the prevailing economic and political order in the United States? We ask these questions and more. This is Revolution.
About Zack:
Zack Exley is a co-founder and senior advisor of New Consensus, where he focuses on strategy, recruiting, and fundraising. Zack has been a pioneer in the worlds of political campaigning, organizing, and fundraising for more than 20 years.
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